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DCA: late takeoff & go-around due to radio interference


KDCA tower at 1950 UTC on 9 January 2019

Thank you for sharing, eboelter.

Is it known the cause of the interference? It sounds like a hot mic at some point but I'm not really sure.

Certainly sounded like a hot mike. You can hear the usual humming sound of two transmitters interfering. Also, there's some background noise suggesting it's a hot mike.

The hot mike could have been in 5512, the aircraft sitting on the runway waiting for its takeoff clearance: after the event they said "5512, we never heard *any* transmission...". Well, when there's a hot mike, there's usually only exactly one aircraft which did not hearing anything... :-) Everyone else would at least have heard some humming and garbled comms...

I wasn't clear what the tower meant by his reference to working a helicopter and it being an issue at "local control".  I wonder if light guns were used at any point? 

Also, unrelated, it seems to me KDCA is using runway 4 more frequently.  I'd be curious to find out how its use is determined if anyone knows.


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