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DCA extended ground stop due to ANC flyover go-around 6/14


P-8A Poseidon from NAS Patuxent River, callsign DRAGO51, had to redo flyover of ANC this morning Fri 6/14 due to an unusual miscommunication on timing, flyover was meant to be over ANC at 1318Z but did first pass about 10 mins early, circled around for second pass on time.

Excerpts from 3 frequencies:
(1) KDCA SFRA controlling DRAGO51
(2) KDCA Final holding planes during the flyovers
(3) KDCA Tower dealing with Marines Nighthawk-6 helo, Envoy go-around, and AA1252 just sliding into Rwy19 between flyovers

(KDCA Tower clip edited to remove few mins of dead air; originals attached)

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