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Darn rabbits running around at YYZ!!

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If you listen to YYZ ATC from about 2:17AM EST on Dec 17 you'll hear ATC warning planes about rabbits running around.. One pilot even joked "I wondering if their looking for the truck full of carrots that tipped over"  Anyone in Canada will get this joke as a large telco (TELUS) has a commercial about this running right now.. Pretty interesting to listen to :)

Haha, certainly funny, but no archive of that early morning time  :?


We have problems with turtles on the runways at SFB.  I'll have to pull some clips one of these days.

My all-time favorite went something like this:

Tower:  Be advised there's a turtle crossing runway 9L near Romeo.  Caution, wake turbulance.

ROFL  :lol:  :lol:
I like it


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