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DA40 Violated Airspace - TRACON and Police Tracked/Pursued

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Picked this one up recently in Sacramento. A Diamond Star violated KMHR's Class D and possibly the Class C around Sacramento. Two law enforcement aircraft attempted to pursue along with NCT APP. I picked up the air-air comms on my personal scanner between both LE aircraft and added it to the clip. I tried to edit it down as much as possible without removing too much relevant audio, but the clip is still around 16 minutes. Each frequency change is separated by beeps.

Not sure what the outcome eventually was, the audio ends with them discussing a ground unit attempted to meet the aircraft as it landed at KGOO, the unit arrived within two minutes of receiving the call, the airport lights were activated, but the aircraft/pilot were no where insight. No heat signatures showed on the LE's FLIR system.

Wonder if it was a student pilot?

My guess is some one just not knowing the airspace. Seemed more like a late night joyride, as it was around 1030pm-Midnight. It's been a while since I've flown but if I'm not mistaken there isn't any student solo night flights allowed?

Here is the flight path, in case you are interested:

Looks like he busted at least three different airspaces, not to mention flying much too low over populated areas...  It must have been an interesting phone call once they found him and gave him The Number!

I also notice that particular DA40 hasn't made another flight since then - I suspect the pilot may be grounded for ... a while......

Yeah, I just want to see what the video looks like from the Sheriff/CHP aircraft..


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