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CYYZ at 1:20am to 1:50am loca

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Listen to this clip from 1:20 am to 1:50am local...this is great....the traffic is light and all the pilots are ahving a group discussion about Air France. Its really really of the best clips ive found. This is the stuff that should be Cnn,the controllers and pilots feedback and comments on the situation, as they even implyed. CHECK IT OUT! The controllers are asking the pilots about the breaks, and the pilots are discussing the anti-skid and the hydraulic acuators and this is the most chatter and general discussion ive ever heard over any frequency, and there are currently some 60 listeners tuned into this right now!.

PHL Approach:
You didnt attatch the clip...

What's the URL?

Could you please use GMT time instead of local ?
France is GMT+2 and I don't know your loc time


Actually you're fine just going to the time listed, as it's Eastern time, and that's what's used in Toronto.  So it'll be the archives for 0100 and 0130 EST that you'll want, as it's listed on the archive page.


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