Author Topic: CYUL - Jazz 7674 is not able to lower gears  (Read 35332 times)

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CYUL - Jazz 7674 is not able to lower gears
« on: August 21, 2005, 06:39:55 PM »

my first time posting here; I have many funny clips, but here is one thatj ust happened today at 0530PM EDT.

This is a Jazz arriving Montréal CYUL and has problems with his gears when on final. He declares a missed approach and asks for some time to resolve the problem. Unfortunately, Montréal feed is very bad since a couple of time, so quality isn't very good (that's why I typed it very quickly). Moreover, the feed went down during the incident, I'm not very satisfied of it but anyways. So we cannot know the end, so nothing very impressive.

I think the Jazz landed safely, because we didn't hear anything in the news up to now and the flight status is "Arrived".


GEAR PROBLEMS's getting a little bit bounty down low.. but nothing to worry about, ok?

Montréal, AMM 4,600 for 4,000

AMM, terminal, good day, descend to 3,000ft

3,000ft AMM

Tower, it's Jazz 7674, we will have to go around[..]

Jazz 7674, roger, what are your problems?

Oh just a gear, just a gree indication, we will start it out, will call you back, go ahead
with your instructions

Jazz 7674, roger, continue the approach, maintain 3,000ft

Roger, 3,000

Jazz 7674, you wanna continue the approach or do you pull up?

Ah we're pulling up, we're climbing to 3,000 on this heading

Could you please continue a little bit on downwind there, there is a RJ traffic landing
ahead of you on the left side, he has a gear problem ...

AMM roger departures on 118.9

runway heading, maintain 3, and 118.9, Jazz 7674

Jazz 1792, contact ground 121.9

Dorval departures, Jazz 7674, in a missed approach, 24L, leveling 3,000, runway heading

..74, would you like anything specific when you return to Montreal or
you're all set at this point?

Ok, what I will do is to take a vector, maybe 20 miles, we just gonna run a checklist,
and when you give us a call in 5 minutes....

Jazz 7674, roger, so, what I'll do is, I'll turn you right now on a heading of 090,
and I'll bring you for an extended downwind after that

Yea that's fine, left turn 090, leveling 3, and yea whatever [that works for you]
is fine with us

I check, roger

Tower, charlie Golf....., base for 24L

G-AMM, Montreal Tower, bonsoir, wind 290 at 20, cleared to land runway 24L

AMM, cleared to land 24L

Jazz 2959, circulez Bravo 2, traversez la piste 28, contactez le tablier dans le Foxtrot

Bravo 2, on traverse la 28, et le tablier de l'autre côté, Jazz 2959

Standard procedures actually at this point, tower needs to know fuel on board and souls
on board

Ok, fuel is 3000 pounds and 54 souls on board

Thank you

Montreal, Eagle 432 is 7,500 for 6,000

Eagle 432, Terminal, good afternoon, descend to 3,000, you're number 1

3,000, Eagle 432, thank you

Montréal, pour .., serait-ce possible faire le NDB plutôt que l'ILS?

Ouais, je peux vous donner le NDB, y'a pas de problèmes

Excellent, on prendrait le NDB, piste ... pour la 29

Ok,.. je vérifie

Montreal, American 802 is out of 16,000 for 8,000, Mike

Jetlink 2713, reduce your speed to 210 knots and maintain 7,000 feet

210, 7,000, Jetlink 2713

Roger, contact Arrivals now on 126.9, good day

126.9 good day, 2713

American 802, maintain 8,000 feet

Maintain 8,000 feet, American 802 confirm once again with you, you are NOT declaring an emergency and you do NOT want
the equipment standing-by, correct?

We are going to run a procedure, depending on the outcome of that procedure, we may be
declaring an emergency, .. should not be a problem, and we would like to run the checklists
first to determine

I check, roger, would you be able to slow down a little bit, Jazz 7674


200 knots or less, is this .. for you at this point?

.. be 200 knots or less

Thank you

...Montreal, radar contact, and runway 24L, and maintain 6,000 feet

24L, down to 6,000 feet, BJD

Jetlink 2713, descend to 4,000

4,000, Jetlink 2713

À droite cap 080 pour intercepter la trajectoire de rapprochement, autorisé approche
directe NDB 11, virage d'alignement pour la piste 29

Ok donc, 080 pour intercepter l'alignement, NDB 11 avec la 29..

Roger, vos intentions après l'approche

....cap de piste, 3,000 pieds pour guidage radar

Un cap de piste, 3,000 pieds, on vérifie

American 802, maintain 6,000 feet

Maintain 6,000 feet, American 802


American 802, contact Arrivals now on 126.9, good day

126.9, American 802, good day sir


American 802, out of 11,000 for 6,000

American 802, Terminal, good afternoon, maintain 5,000

5,000, American 802

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CYUL - Jazz 7674 is not able to lower gears
« Reply #1 on: August 23, 2005, 08:12:29 PM »
Landed without incident 20 minutes later, No emergency declared.

Aircraft had 3000 lbs. of fuel and 56 pax.