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Title: Coronet East
Post by: JetScan1 on October 03, 2020, 11:24:23 AM
Coronet East

An exercise in LiveATC coverage along the US east coast and the Canadian Maritimes.

Synopsis: 6 F-15Es, callsign TABOR 31 flight, at Seymour Johnson AFB (GSB) to be delivered to RAF Lakenheath (LKZ) in the UK. 1 KC-135, callsign CLEAN 83, staged out of McGuire AFB (WRI), 1 KC-135, callsign CLEAN 82, and 1 KC-10A, callsign CLEAN 81, staged out of Bangor (BGR).

F-15s depart GSB. CLEAN 83 departs WRI and picks up fighters in the vicinity of Norfolk (ORF). CLEAN 82 departs BGR and takes fighters from CLEAN 83 in the vicinity of Nantucket (ACK). CLEAN 83 returns to WRI and one of the F-15Es, TABOR 37, returns to GSB. CLEAN 81 departs BGR and takes fighters from CLEAN 82 in the vicinity of Stephenville (YJT). CLEAN 82 climbs into high altitude airspace and continues across the Atlantic to RAF Mildenhall (MHZ/EGUN). CLEAN 81 pulls fighters across the Atlantic, fighters to LKZ, CLEAN 81 to MHZ.

The recording starts with Washington Center acknowledging CLEAN 83s initial call on the climb out from WRI. From there all ARTCC Centers transmission were received, controller reception only in some cases, all the way until the handoff from Gander Radio prior to the crossing. All that was missing were the terminal areas at WRI and GSB and the southern areas of Ganders high altitude airspace. Not bad ! 

There is a McGuire feed, "KNEL/KWRI/ZNY", but for some reason it does not seem to cover the approach frequencies listed ? As a suggestion to avoid congestion and concentrate on the WRI terminal area, which seems to be the intent of the feed, can the very busy Center frequencies (118.975 and 125.325) be removed and the radio checked to confirm all WRI approach/departure frequencies are on there ? Both Center frequencies now each have there own dedicated feeds so nothing would be getting missed.

With thanks to LiveATC and all that provide the feeds in these areas !