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Confusion and Converging A/C in the DFW West Departure/Downwind


This recording is from the KDFW Reg Dep (West) recording from 3/1/21, 2230 UT.  It starts at about 224951Z.  Timeline:
~224955 - Controller directs "AA2391" to turn left "direct to JASPA".  This message is apparently intended for AA2891, which is about 14 miles west of the airport.  However, it is acknowledged by AA2308, which has just taken off from DFW.  AA2308 responds by pulling a full 180 degree turn, which places it in the West downwind for DFW arrivals.  AA2308 proceeds to climb behind AA380, an arrival from Seoul.  AA2308 also follows directions (intended for AA2891) to contact the Center, putting it on a different channel.
~225051 - Controller tries to contact AA2308, "American 2308, I don't know where you're heading right now, fly a heading of 270, maintain 10 thousand..."  The controller continues to attempt to contact AA2308.
~225154 - AA2308 is just under 1/2 mile behind AA380, and just under 1000 feet below.  Fortunately, AA2308 follows earlier directions to climb only to 10k ft, and levels off.  About this time, AA2308 finally responds to the directions to turn to 270 degrees, sharply turning right.
~225200 - AA2308 reestablishes contact, asking for the frequency.
~225426 - Controller tells AA2308 to go direct to JASPA, but requests that they remain on this frequency.
~225636 - A new controller tells AA2308 to contact Fort Worth Center.

A little more information.  AA2308's tracks are in yellow, and AA380's are in red.  Their closest approach is circled in blue.  Both were on a heading of approximately 180 degrees.  AA2308 was climbing below and behind AA380, and was considerably faster.

Messy!  Great find.

Thanks as well for the timeline and map.

You're welcome, and thank you!  It was before I was aware of liveatc.  That afternoon, I glanced at my ADSB app, and noticed 2 aircraft that appeared to be on top of each other, and guessed that it was one aircraft with 2 transponders.  I looked closer and saw that it was 2 aircraft.  That was about when AA2308 made the right turn.  I live about 1 1/2 miles west of the west downwind for DFW, and was able to glance out the window and see it part way through that turn.  My interest piqued, I started to investigate and analyze what happened...

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