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Commander N1381J Accident - Engine Failure

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--- Quote from: n1fcc ---Thanks for saving this clip.

This was my bird.

She protected her cargo well.

--- End quote ---

excellent job mate......glad it all worked out.  those kind of clips give me goosebumps to listen to. great job all around

I've listened to this clip many times and more than any of the others, this is the one that gives me goose bumps... especially the part where the controller is handing off some of the other flights to other sectors and controllers and the one guy repeats the frequency and squeezes in a "good luck guys" as he switches off... crazy stuff... kind of impressive how well the controller not only keeps his cool, but in doing so keeps the pilot collected as well... freaky to have the pilot write in on the forum as well... hehe... glad you made it in ok...


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