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Chattanooga Airport Private Plane Has Landing Gear Collapse


(There's even Pilot math involved in the audio I pulled)

Some flights were delayed at the Chattanooga Airport on Friday night after a private plane experienced "landing gear collapse" during a 7:30 p.m. landing.

Authorities said the Hawker 800 jet, with two people on board, landed safely.

The Crisis24 website said, "Disruptions to flight operations are possible at Chattanooga Metropolitan Airport (CHA) in Chattanooga, Tennessee as of late June 2 after an airplane experienced landing gear collapse upon landing at the airport."Several flights operating through CHA were reportedly rerouted to alternate airports or delayed, although some flight operations are currently ongoing at CHA.

"Disruptions to operations at CHA, including delays, cancellations, and re-routings remain likely in the coming hours as authorities respond to the incident and airlines clear backlogs from delays."


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