Author Topic: Pilot, passenger escape after plane crash-lands at Casa Grande airport  (Read 920 times)

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CASA GRANDE — Two occupants of a Cessna 172 light airplane escaped serious injury in a crash landing at Casa Grande Municipal Airport Wednesday morning.

Casa Grande Airport Manager Dave Reffner told PinalCentral that it appears the plane was experiencing engine trouble as it was preparing to land around 9:20 a.m.

The pilot managed to land the plane to the far right side of Runway 5, with the aircraft coming to rest only a few feet away from the fencing adjacent to Pinal Avenue.There was extensive damage to the plane’s left wing, but there was no fire or hazardous materials leakage from the wreckage in the wake of the crash.

Reffner said no serious injuries to the pilot and passenger were reported and with all things considered it was a fortune outcome for all.

“My understanding is they (the pilot) was experiencing a little bit of engine failure as they were landing and landed the best way they could,” he said, noting that for an emergency landing it could best be described as a “good landing” with no serious injuries to the occupants.  The plane is a little bit beat up, but as long as everyone gets to go home to their families, we’re happy,” he said.

Reffner praised the Casa Grande Police and Fire departments for their quick response in arriving at the scene shortly after the plane stopped.

Normal airport operations were not affected and usual traffic was allowed to continue unimpeded.

With the crash site taped off, Reffner and airport staff were busily taking photographs and logging their observations. He said the airport would notify the Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA will then decide if further investigation is required regarding the incident.

“Generally they don’t come out when there’s no injuries but when there’s extensive damage, sometimes that constitutes a visit,” Reffner said. “We’re still waiting on that outcome.”
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