Author Topic: Canada Rouge A319 at KFLL on Nov 3rd 2022 bird strike on departure  (Read 1283 times)

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Thanks AVH

Here's most of the audio, still looking for the Miami Center where the pan-pan was called out.
if anyone feels so inclined to look too...........

An Air Canada Rouge Airbus A319-100, registration C-GBHR performing flight AC-1611 from Fort Lauderdale,FL (USA) to Montreal,QC (Canada), was accelerating for takeoff from Lauderdale's runway 10L when the crew just before V1 observed a small bird and a large bird followed by loud noise and smell. Due to the speed the crew continued takeoff, the crew declared PAN PAN and decided to divert to Miami,FL (USA), where the aircraft landed safely on runway 09 about 45 minutes after departure. The crew suspected a blown tyre, emergency services however found no blown tyre.

The Canadian TSB reported maintenance found evidence of a bird strike into the right hand engine (CFM56) without core ingestion and also found evidence of impact on the right hand main gear.

The aircraft returned to service about 24 hours after landing in Miami.