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C-130F Landing on Aircraft Carrier

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When I found this video, I was sure that it had been "photoshop'd", or something of the sort (I don't know much about photoshop, but I don't think that it is capable of editing videos). Anyway, it looks legitimate. At the beginning, a title slide is shown for a very small fraction of a second. The slide implies that it is a video is of Air and Space Magazine. To be able to read it, pause the video at the very beginning, as it is impossible to interpret it with the video running. Also, I could not see any tail hook on the C-130. Maybe I just wasn't looking hard enough. Anyway, check it out for yourself via Google Video:

Looks authentic to me. Notice the painted lines on the deck--the ones that angle away to the left are the ones that define the normal landing zone. This implies that the 130 was landed straight ahead, possibly so the the entire deck length was available. I think the 130 fuselage is bulky enough so that from the camera's vantage point the tailhook can't be seen.

"That airplane stopped right opposite the captain's bridge," recalled Flock. "There was cheering and laughing. There on the side of the fuselage, a big sign had been painted on that said, "LOOK MA, NO HOOK."

"The aircraft, a KC-130F refueler transport (BuNo 149798), on loan from the Marines, was delivered October 8."


Thanks for the links. I guess that answers that question.  :)

Thats some cool stuff :)


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