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Butter Tarts

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Oh my goodness, you're ALL actually serious about flying to Lindsay about getting butter tarts!  That's absolutely awesome.  I can't say I've heard anything as good as this, but often around midnight I hear controllers at CYYZ (Toronto Pearson) having a little fun...

ATC: There's a book here that I go through and tells me everything I should say to you...
Pilot: I should get a copy.
ATC: Nah, it's kinda boring, nothing more than bathroom reading material.

 (11:30ish PM)
ATC: Good morning ____....
Pilot: Good evening...
ATC: Oh, I guess it should be evening.
Pilot: Yeah, no rush speeding through.
ATC: Oh, I want to speed through as fast as I can to 6am!

...I guess the shift change is at 6am!  :)

Yeah, I hear Toronto controllers around 12am-1am having fun.
But Toronto Atcs are very good and professionnal.

Here are some other funny clips:
(temperature in Winnipeg, we can also hear the ATC laughing when giving an instruction)
Busy night 3AM (ATC to a pilot: one [aircraft] at a time keeps me awake)
At 0330AM, controller quite tired.


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