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Boston near miss


Bryant Andrew:
Does anyone have an audio file for this most recent incident

PHL Approach:

I assume not, Im sure "clips master" Matt will find it :lol:

LOL I'm flattered, but I don't have any kind of a time frame for the incident, so I'm not about to go through a whole day's worth of archives to find it.  I wouldn't mind finding it if someone can narrow it down to a span of an hour or so.  If people want to go through some of the archive and find the one that has the incident, go ahead and give me the time of the archive and I'll go through it and make a clip.  I enjoy making clips, but don't forget, it's just as easy for anyone else to do it.


"Federal officials later confirmed that an airfield warning system had not activated because of a software error that prevents the system from detecting planes approaching each other on intersecting runways."

Yeah, that would be a good feature to have. :)

I find it unsettling that the Massport CEO wants FAA action against pilots involved in incursions. We need better preventive measures, not more punitive measures. Plus, more incursions may go unreported if the FAA promises swift justice.


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