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Unfortunately my technical equipment ist not quite state-of-the-art (as opposed to our friend from Switzerland, saw those feed setup pics – huh, quite impressive), therefore I have not attached a clip, but here is what I NEED to share.

I must admit that – thanks to this forum – I have also become a fan of Boston John. He made my evening.  

I was listening to Boston Tower – Jan 7 – 16:00

04:15 (mm:ss)
Pilot (approaching): Hello – Boston Tower, this is United 534, ... John  replies precisely imitating the Hello.

John: wind 300 at 3 – 33 Left cleared to land – Pilot: That’s a lot of 3s there

John: ... contact Departure, hasta la vista – Pilot (completing): say  ...Baby

John: contact Departure, Mokahagadi – Pilot familiar with phraseology...

And on Boston Tower – Jan 8 – 15:00.

John: position eeeen hold – Pilot reads back exactly

John’s friendly colleague addresses Jet Bluuuuu (guess she must like John, too)

John lets Jet Bluuuuuuuuuuu cross his runway...

Hope this makes someone laugh, too. Today I was sitting in the office smiling whenever these dialogues came into my mind (out of the Bluuuuuuu). Contagious.

Thanks to everyone who keeps this running!

Here it is....


--- Quote from: timmy ---04:44
John: wind 300 at 3 – 33 Left cleared to land – Pilot: That’s a lot of 3s there
--- End quote ---

Listen again and you'll get the REAL BIG joke in this one.  It is a sign of John's BRILLIANCE!!!

Remember, Bos John says "tree" not "three".

The convo is this...

John:  Continental tree eighty-two Boston Tower, good afternoon, wind is tree zero zero at tree, rwy tree tree left clear to land.

Pilot:  that's a lot of trees out there, cleared to land Continental three eighty-two

John:  The foliage is great this time of the year.

tree for three and foliage [leaves] are pretty this time of the year...that's BRILLIANT!!!

Actually for clarity, controllers are techinally supposed to say "tree" and "fife" as opposed to "three" and "five," though you rarely hear it.

That's true.  John seems to be the only one who's read the AIM and he has a tendency to over-emphasize it making it and this situation stand out a bit more than normal.


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