Author Topic: KDCA/KADW - ANC flyover T38 bird strike in engine 3/8/24 ~16:40Z  (Read 2837 times)

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Didn't see this flyover but was listening to the tower and they made a comment to MUSEL8 Air Force Huey during a reroute for the flyover, that there was a flight of 3 T38's inbound to DCA ... "a flight of 3 now...looks like we lost one".

Then saw this instagram post (, tagged to #ArlingtonNationalCemetery that her husband "had an interesting Friday at work" and said he was a pilot for the ANC flyover on Friday in missing man formation, but had a bird strike while holding prior to the flyover, and he returned to ADW safely.

Here are a couple of clips from ADW and DCA towers.  DRAGO is the callsign for flyovers, the aircraft declaring emergency is DRAGO53 to ADW tower at around 16:42:50Z (12m:50s into the original clip which I assume starts at 16:30Z)

The comment on KDCA Tower is at 15:30 into the original clip.  (MUSEL8 was given clearance to proceed on route a few minutes later after the flyover).

Not been able to find other communications; earlier on KDCA KRANT freq, ATC told DRAGO51 to contact approach on 335.5 but I don't think that frequency is covered here.

Attaching the original full files.
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