Author Topic: BAW18B at Bermuda Takeoff Clearance Cancelled due to Bomb Threat  (Read 983 times)

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On May 5, BAW18B was departing Bermuda enroute to London and had just started their takeoff roll when the tower cancelled their takeoff clearance because of a bomb threat they had just received.  The flight crew stopped the aircraft on the runway and waited for emergency equipment to arrive.  The emergency equipment however did not come all the way out to the aircraft because of their own protocols preventing them from getting close to the aircraft until the police bomb disposal unit gave the "all clear".  Meanwhile, the passengers were still on the plane and the captain was anxious to get them off.  The aircraft eventually taxied off the runway but it was now 40 minutes since they aborted their takeoff.  The captain wanted to get the passengers off the plane and told the tower that he would evacuate the passengers via the slides if they couldn't get air stairs out to the plane quick enough.  The air stairs eventually arrived; the passengers exited the plane and had to walk back to the terminal (no busses were available).  At the same time the airport also received a bomb threat for the terminal so it too was evacuated.