Author Topic: Piper Malibu engine out: N4385K landing RWY 31 KMDT Lands in water  (Read 2375 times)

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Thankful for an apparent good outcome when a piper Malibu N4385K reported an engine out  on final to KMDT runway 31 landing in shallow water of the Susquehanna river.
Two souls reported on board and only minor injuries to one.

Audio feed from KMDT tower Oct 4 at 21:00 to 21:30 reveals the plane was cleared to land during the 4 minute mark and all seems normal
The pilot calls the tower during the 7th minute and declares his engine out.
During the remainder of the recording the tower is heard to be talking to the pilot but the downed aircraft cannot be heard.
Fisherman are reported to be walking near the aircraft.
A state police helicopter (trooper 2) flies over the scene and reports to the tower as river rescue approaches. He reports one person standing on the wing.,66844