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--- Quote from: Jason on July 04, 2005, 11:48:21 PM ---That Audacity tool is very cool Dave.

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I agree, and have found it to be about the easiest one to use! Highly recommended!


--- Quote from: rodrick3nie on December 09, 2010, 02:39:17 AM ---I am having some good audio clips. How can I add these?

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Start a new topic in the ATC/Pilot Audio Clips forum. Give your topic a subject and describe the clip briefly in the text box. At the bottom right is a tab that says "Additional Options". Click on that.  Then "Choose File" to attach. MP3 format works the best. Simple as that!

Hope this helps!  8-)


--- Quote from: brian8harris on April 16, 2011, 05:55:48 AM ---Does attaching an audio file needs some extra efforts as it is going to be played by the users when it is displayed in the post? Sorry for the stupid question but I haven't uploaded any audio files till now.

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I don't exactly know what you mean, but when you open the additional options you can browse on you computer for the audio file, then save and it will be send to the server... Nothing to it at all... Just be sure you use 16 bit mp3 formats to keep the file small...

I find Audacity an outstanding tool to use for editing any type of audio. I usually try to export my files for this site at about 64kbs. That way the file is not too big but still has some good audio quality. I would definitely recommend it to anyone to use because of its many tools and its cost--free

FWIW, I have done voice work and audio production for years and have used it all, including ProTools, however the previously mentioned Mixcraft is pretty hard to beat for the price and is far simpler for those new to the art to learn how to use. It also comes with a pretty extensive library of royalty-free music and sound effects for you to get started. An example of the kind of stuff you can do almost entirely with Mixcraft is here:

I also use Sony Sound Forge for recording or processing individual clips (like Dick Blumenthal blowing up in the link above) since it has some additional and very powerful tools for processing, in particular saving in various standard as well as customized formats.


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