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Squawk 7700:

--- Quote from: Hollis on April 15, 2007, 08:02:44 PM ---Here's the one I'm using. Free download and does everything but dance! 

--- End quote ---

For my recent recordings I've used an Insignia MP3 player/recorder with audio line input. Device records in WMA (Windows Media Audio). I then use "switch" to convert from WMA to MP3 format since Audacity isn't compatable with WMA. After I get the file converted to the MP3 format, I can do a lot with it in Audacity like editing all the "dead air" and cleaning up the audio. Once you are done editing, export the file back out as an MP3 file.

Both Audacity and Switch are free and are very useful tools.

For those of you who aren't aware, Audacity 1.3.4 has an extremely useful effect called Truncate Silence. It removes all the silent parts in a recording. For example, if you download an archived stream from LiveATC it is 30 minutes long. Depending on the size of the airport, time of day, number of frequencies and such, the recording may actually be mostly silence. If you apply the Truncate Silence effect it converts the file into a non-stop audio stream with no breaks between transmissions. Makes even the smallest towers sound like JFK.

Think of this as VOX, but after the recording has already been made.

Great time saver if you're looking to locate a particular exchange or wish to make your own archives smaller.

This feature was first pointed out here by mechanicalamit in 2006 as best I can tell.


please add "Goldwave" to this list:

I use it. It works.  :mrgreen:

Goldwave has a 50.00 purchase price, and for goodness sake, if yer gunna pay 50.00, go straight to and get audio studio for 54.00 and that program is a REAL editor. its based on the old soundforge platform, and I have Soundforge 7.0, and even audio studio for 50.00 will cook breakfast for you.

These are old Sonic Foundry softwares, and I used Vegas and SoundForge when they were Sonic Foundry. I can attest to the fact that not only are they powerful, but very user friendly, and are industry standard audio platforms.

So if ANY money is going to be spent, take my word for it,

This is what you want... hands down.... (if your gunna pay anything for good software)


--- Quote from: Hollis on April 15, 2007, 08:02:44 PM ---Here's the one I'm using. Free download and does everything but dance!  

--- End quote ---

With Wavepad editor I get nasty webpages on closing the application all the time saying I have to pay for trialware... :?  And now MP3 is copyrighted aswell....

[edit] then when I want to un-install this program I'd been given three options though, remove the program, buy it or downgrade to the free version where it all works fine again, including mp3's


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