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A question regarding AIR FORCE ONE or any xxxxx ONE aircraft.  If I understand correctly, standard procedure for any aircraft carrying the country's leader (President or Prime Minister) carries the callsign appended with ONE, such as CANFORCE ONE.

Now, what happens if the US President's aircraft is not carrying the President?  Would it still be addressed as AIR FORCE ONE?  What happens if the President was on a different aircraft?  I'm not asking to cause trouble, but curious how the whole ATC system works.  :)

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If the aircraft that we have labled as Airforce1 is not infact carrying the president then it is not airforce one. The aircraft you had in mind would be SAM2800 when not carrying the resident.

If the president were in a Glider it would be considered Executive1. Which is the priority designation for private aircraft carrying the president

And SAM is for Special Air Mission followed by the Tail code of so said aicraft.  

Or for back when JFK was Killed it as AF ONE when it landed when it took off it was SAM2800 or Air Force 2800.  (whatever tail # he had.) and when Lyndon Johnson was sworn in during the flight it was later changed to AF ONE.....

And the helicopter the president flies in, when he's onboard, is designated Marine One.

There's also a designation for the aircraft that is carrying  presidential family members, but I can't remember what it is right at the moment.

Hmm, I did a little more reading on this...

7. (c) "When a member of the President's family is aboard any aircraft, if the U.S. Secret Service or the White House Staff determines it is necessary, state the words "Executive One Foxtrot." "

Other talk about LIFEGAURD, xxxx TWO, TRANSPORT, SAFEAIR, etc callsigns are all there from Section 4 - Radio and Interphone Communications (FAA):


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