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Justice76, the clip has all of the pauses in-between transmissions cut out of it. If you notice the controller notices the United flight had departed FL350 at the beginning of the clip.

I just saw a trailer for "The Flight that Fought Back" which will air this Sunday @ 9PM EDT.

They have ATC clips in their feture.  I'll be glued to the TV that night.

PHL Approach:
"Grounded on 9/11" on The History Channel at 9pm Eastern.

"In response to the attacks on September 11, 2001, the FAA orders all planes out of the air. US and Canadian air traffic controllers face a calamity of epic proportions--how to safely re-route and land 6,500 planes carrying close to a million people. For individual air traffic controllers, the work is chaotic, intense, and deceptively simple: pick a new route for each flight; radio instructions to turn; listen for pilot confirmation; hold traffic to keep airways from overcrowding. From Cleveland, Ohio to Gander, Newfoundland, controllers on September 11th searched for alternate airports to land large jets even as their traumatized colleagues stream back from break rooms after watching the attacks on TV"

Outrageous. Coward. This was aimed to anyone who stands for freedom regardless of citizenship or beliefs.

I truly hope that one day we will look into the past and realize that this tragic day was a sad day in history. I truly hope that God regardless of His name sheds some light into the minds of those insanes who still continue with the idea of spreading terror amongst us all.

True freedom MUST and WILL PREVAIL.

Sorry for such a regret filled post but I couldn't avoid.

Ricardo Ramos

I have a few clips I snagged. Hard to hear b/c I didn't know jack about recording back then.


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