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American 1634 declares emergency @ Phoenix sky Harbor Airport


01/01/2019 10:33am (Arizona Time )  The following is the recording of American 1634 declaring an emergency @ Phoenix sky harbor airport due to the airplane flaps not extending. Needing a longer runway. The Airport scrambled emergency vehicles 10:53am   (Phoenix app/final channel )( 

10secs   (troubled) secs circling after declaring an emergency 2 mins earlier (not on recording)
3:57       American 1634 asking for extended final
5:45       American 1634 declaring emergency 2nd time
6:20       runway 26 closed for emergancy
6:50       Controller confirms extened final
7:55       Controller asks for alt 5000
8:37       Controller turn left 170 course maintain  5000
9:36       Controller down to 4000
9:51       Controller cleared ils approach 26 approach
10:30    Controller hand off to tower
13:40    controller comfirms 26 closure
19:10    Controller says fire trucks on the runway 26 still closed

Tuesday 01-Jan-2019
American Airlines 1634

DCA Washington, DC to PHX  Phoenix, AZ
left Gate 32 Reagan National -
(9 minutes early)
PHX  Phoenix, AZ
11:16AM MST
(49 minutes late)
PHX  Phoenix, AZ

The file is available for all distribution :)

Happy New year


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