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Alaska 261

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Nope to My sister she would be her Mother-In-Law.....Like my wifes parents are in-laws to me, but to my sister they are nothing but Extended family and more presents at Christmas.....

ok, I'm actually drawing my family tree to try and understand this one... but I have no sisters... hehe... I'm just kidding... just trying to lighten the mood of a very sad occasion I guess... no disrespect though to your brother in law's mother (or your sister's mother in law... which for some reason makes more sense in my head... for some reason, I still can't wrap my mind around brother in law's mother... tomato tomahto I guess... hehe... and they let me control airplanes... SHEESH....)


--- Quote ---and they let me control airplanes... SHEESH....)

--- End quote ---

As long as if they were all moving around each other in 3 dimensional space you could keep them seperated...      :wink:

I have no problem keeping them seperated so far (and we keep them a little closer than on the civilian side...) but then again, no pilot has asked me about his brother in law's mother... that might be what finally sends me over the edge! hehe...  :P

I studied this crash quite a lot and I feel sorry for everyone who were and are still affected by it.

Audio files are however very impressive, but pilots should have followed: land as soon as possible and do not change the airplane configuration if everything's working fine.


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