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Alaska 261

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davolijj and digger, well said. I really don't know what to say about his dissicion weather or not they should have changed the airplanes config and really can't say anything because I don't know what was going on inside the cockpit. We all know what happens when we assume. But, we all should just try not to make such broad statments, Ive done it and looked like a fool.

As I said, I just wanted to report what was established in the final report. The accident was studied and NTSB issued that statement. I should have said that I was reporting from the final report - that is what I've done in my second post. I'm sorry again and I hope I will be forgiven.

Youll be forgiven. This whole thing is really confusing. Let me get this strait, he went into a dive at FL26 boxed FL 15 to FL 24 then change the config into flaps and  slates down leveled out, then brought them up, inverted and hit the water. Im probably missing some stuff though. But
spallanzani, NTSB dosn't know why they changed the configuration either , but hey did it for a reason that only the piolts knew and it wasn't on the CVR, so we willl never know what happened and why the airplanes config was changed. I now do see what your coming from though so don't take it personally, and you'll be forgiven, it was just a mistake.


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