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Airshow Chatter on CZYZ

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Caught this snippet of chatter on Toronto Centre. The centre controller was asking the Snowbirds (Canadas version of the USA's Blue Angels) what a "Snowbird Pitch is".

Feel free to post any other Canadian International Airshow clips in this thread :)

(Edited: Snowboard to read Snowbird ;) )

Snowboards... haha, very funny, but we don't have any snow in Toronto at this time of the season 8-)

Cool clip. They flew over on approach for rwy 05 at YYZ on Thursday. I was right under them in my van, picking up some photos at Costco. Always a pleasant surprise! :-)

Show stopped half way through the routine today b/c of low cigs, rain and wind. They'll try again tomorrow.

Anyone seen the F-22 on Saturday during the airshow?  It was too rainy for me to go to the lakeshore and watch.. 

Snowboard drop... do you mean Snowbird Pitch?  (Atleast that's what it sounded like!)

Very cool clip, it would have been nice to hear all the talk from the airshow.  I was hoping to catch the local show here but was out of town when it happened, and out of town for Toronto's show too.  I'm so unlucky this year.


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