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Aircraft encountered a crosswind on takeoff crash landed in the grass KARB



Ann Arbor, Michigan — A single-engine airplane made an emergency landing at Ann Arbor Municipal Airport on Sunday but the plane was not damaged and no one was hurt.

The plane landed in a field at the airport, 801 Airport Drive, around 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon, said Pittsfield Fire Lt. Dave Derksen.

The plane was being used for an instructional flight and lost power right after taking off. The flight instructor landed in a soybean field west of the runway, and the instructor and two passengers were unhurt, Derksen said.

"It took off from the runway, lost power, the instructor took over the controls and landed it in a beanfield with no damage to the aircraft or the people inside," Derksen said.

The cause of the engine failure is unknown. The Federal Aviation Administration investigation investigates all crashes, civilian and commercial.


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