Author Topic: KRSW AWE1809 Goes Around: "He spent half the morning out there."  (Read 21241 times)

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The crew of JBU460 apparently took their time taking off on Runway 6 at Fort Myers (RSW) on Friday afternoon. I was driving to the airport at the same time, and I saw AWE1809 (a B757) descending on final. About 5 seconds after AWE1809 went out of sight below the freeway's tree line, I saw it on the go around as JBU460 climbed in front of it. AWE1809 and tower talked about it at the end of this clip.

The clip skips some transmissions because it's combined with the very busy RSW Approach frequencies, but what happens is as follows:

a. AWE1809 calls tower on final for Runway 6.
b. Tower tells AWE1809 to continue for traffic departing prior to arrival.
c. Tower instructs JBU460 to line up and wait on Runway 6 (not found on the clip).
d. Tower clears JBU460 for takeoff (not found on the clip).
e. Tower tells JBU460 moments later, "No delay on the roll, JBU460."
f. Tower instructs AWE1809 to go around (first half of that transmission is cut off).

Found on the March 15 1730Z recording for the KRSW Airport.