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Air Canada 450, Cockpit/Cabin Fire (CYOW - Ottawa)
« on: December 07, 2013, 08:01:41 PM »
On December 4th, the pilot of Air Canada 450 reported what was fire in the cockpit, but ended up smoke in the rear cabin. The aircraft landed safely on Runway 07.

Article link:

I've attached below an edited audio clip under 11-minutes. I've included conversation from other aircraft and emergency vehicles when ACA450 was on approach to Ottawa. Note that some conversation/instructions/readbacks are missing due to multiple frequencies being monitored in the CYOW feed.

Timeline of the conversation (in eastern standard time):

12:30: ACA450 checks into Montreal Centre, frequency 124.275. Controller tells pilot to expect Runway 07 for landing.

12:31: Controller from Montreal Centre instructs ACA450 to descend 8000ft.

12:32: POE257 (Porter 257) also inbound to Ottawa checks with Montreal Centre. (

12:32: Jazz 8971 checks in with Ottawa Arrivals (Ottawa Terminal) on frequency 135.150, conversation in French. (

12:33: Jazz 8045 checks in with Ottawa Arrivals, conversation in French. (

12:37: Controller from Montreal Centre instructs POE257 to descend 8000ft.

12:38: ACA450 declares emergency with Montreal Centre. (Conversation in audio somewhat unreadable)

12:40: Controller from Montreal Centre instructs POE257, which was at the time behind ACA450, to reduce speed

12:40: Ottawa Terminal speaks with Jazz 8971 and Jazz 8045 to expect a delay in landing. Conversation in French.

12:41: Ottawa Ground (frequency 121.9) speaks with emergency crews (Red Vehicles) regarding the emergency for ACA450. At this point, one of the Red Vehicles assumes resposibility as "Airport Command".

12:42: Controller from Montreal Centre gives holding instruction to POE257 at waypoint LANRK (as per Capital Two STAR).

12:45: ACA450 advises Controller (presumably with Ottawa Terminal) that the smoke has stop. Controller then advises pilot to contact Ottawa Tower at frequency 118.8.

12:45: (Coversation in progress) Ottawa Ground relaying all relevant information on ACA450 to Airport Command.

12:47: Ottawa Tower advises POE253 that they are unable to "release him" for takeoff until the emergency aircraft has landed.

12:47: "Staff 31" speaking with Ottawa Ground requesting inspection of the runway.

12:48: (Conversation in progress) Ottawa Tower advises POE253 to taxi to another runway for takeoff (Rwy 32). Then checks in with Ottawa Ground for further taxi instruction.

12:49: (Conversation in progress) Ottawa Ground advises Airport Command that ACA450 was on a 3-mile final and there is no more smoke.

12:49: Ottawa Ground advises Pinnacle 4027 (operating as Delta Airlines) that they might have to change runways for takeoff (for Rwy 32).

12:50: Ottawa Terminal advises Jazz 8045 and Jazz 8971 that they are switching to Runway 32 for arrivals. Conversation in French.

12:52: Ottawa Tower instructs ACA450 to switch to frequency 122.675 to speak with emergency crews.

12:54: ACA450 advises Ottawa Tower that are ready to taxi to the gate.

12:56: ACA450 checks in with Ottawa Ground.

12:57: Airport Command advises Ottawa Ground that they are following the aircraft to the gate.

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Air Canada 450, Cockpit/Cabin Fire (CYOW - Ottawa)
« on: December 07, 2013, 08:01:41 PM »