Author Topic: AeroMéxico 403 something leaking off wing on takeoff(continued to destination)  (Read 1295 times)

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One plane reported that they saw a stream of fluid leaking out of the left wingtip on takeoff and another said they saw some smoke.
They did have one airplane in the air look to see if they could see anything and also vectored another plane to fly by them to have a look. The flight attendants also look out the window but no one saw anything and nothing was found on the runway so the flight continued to their destination.
I do wonder what it could have been?

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From what I understand, they tend to fill their planes up with fuel as much as they can AND THEN SOME. So as the plane rotates some comes out the vents. Ive seen this happen with them a couple times in the past.


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I second what Comfirm31L said. Thaty might be what those guys saw.

I'm working on our VASAviation's radar to see American and the other aircraft come close on Aeromexico to verify whether they were leaking something or not. That view must have been cool!

Thanks for sharing, Carro!