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Title: AAY2601 landing gear problem at Boston 2021-09-19
Post by: dbperry on September 19, 2021, 10:34:05 PM
Allegiant Air 2601 operating Knoxville TN -> Boston MA on Sunday 9/19/2021 executed a missed approach / go around on short final and eventually declared an emergency due to a right main landing gear not locked indication. The Airbus A320 landed and was evacuated on the runway via emergency stairs (not slides). Video from passengers on the ground show the right main landing gear at an odd angle with a blown tire. The plane remained on the runway for quite a few hours.

Here is the moment when the pilot declares an emergency. I'll upload more complete audio later.

I was first clued in when the plane flew over my house at an atypical altitude and heading... last Sunday we had a tanker and fighters circling my house for the Patriots game; today it's a jet in distress!
Title: Re: AAY2601 landing gear problem at Boston 2021-09-19
Post by: dbperry on September 20, 2021, 12:09:11 AM
Entire incident audio (as much as I could find) attached. This audio file has:

I'm guessing this entire file covers about an hour of total elapsed time. Starts at approximately 1030 EDT (1430 UTC); plane landed about 1058 EDT. Chatter on Tower frequency continued for a while to arrange for stairs to evacuate passengers.

Note that I've included one conversation snippet at the end of the file regarding the change in active runway and some instructions to shuffle departing aircraft around the field and away from the closed runway. This snippet is probably from right around the top of the hour, just after the plane landed, so it isn't in the correct sequence within the audio file. But it isn't comms with AAY2601 - I tried to keep all the AAY2601 comms together.

Really impressed with the professionalism of the aircrew and the ATC folks! Bravo Zulu!