Author Topic: AAL1388 and SWA2286 Close Call at KPHX  (Read 3479 times)

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AAL1388 and SWA2286 Close Call at KPHX
« on: September 04, 2023, 03:35:53 AM »
An AAL B738 was cleared via KPHX BROAK1 departure. As the flight was cleared for take-off on Runway 26, a Southwest Airlines B737 was simultaneously departing the South Complex's 25R, via the ECLPS1 departure. Turning south via the BROAK1, AAL1388 was on a converging path with SWA2286.
AAL1388 was expected to fly the FORPE1 departure, but was not communicated with AAL1388, stating: "We were cleared the BROAK ONE that's why we were making that left turn.. We never heard about the FORPE ONE."

Alleged reports they were within 1/3 mile and 300ft of each other.