Author Topic: AAL409 Fuel Emergency Diverts to KORF due to Bomb Threat at Bermuda  (Read 1089 times)

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On May 5, AAL409 from KMIA had started their descent into Bermuda (TXKF) when NY Center advised the flight crew of the bomb threat at TXKF.  The crew originally decided to wait it out in a holding pattern but ultimately opted to divert to KORF because it was not clear how long it would take for the bomb squad to go through the terminal.  After requesting the diversion from ATC, the crew declared a fuel emergency.  But after choosing a slower Mach speed and a different altitude, they realized they had plenty of fuel to get to KORF.  They did however continue with the fuel emergency eventually landing safely on runway 23 at KORF.  The attached audio file is about 23 minutes long and includes the HF communications with New York radio on their way back to KORF.