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757 Tires blow out on landing at DTW


Northwest flight 210, a Boeing 757, had 4 blowouts on landing at DTW today, no injuries.

The related archive files are:

Last 5 mins, a cancelled clearence for landing, and several runway changes. Nothing special, just posted this in case anyone was interested.

It continues on into the first 10 mins or so of:


Good clips, should be in the ATC/Aviation Clips forum.

Moved to the correct forum.

I saw this on the news today, didn't seem to be a big big deal though.  No PAX we injured.

And They say the strike had nothing to do with it!!! :lol:

Just in the interest of completeness:

Departing flight NW1412 had smoke in the cabin about 30 mins out from DTW and had to return to DTW about 6 PM ET that same Saturday.

20 mins into it NW1412 gets its landing clearence and requests Fire and Rescue to meet them. No injuries and the smoke cleared when they turned off the A/C.

Also not related to the strike I'm sure.

Probably even less interesting than the first one, but what the heck.



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