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30 Nov: Frontier 260 A320 loose enging cowling at LAS


The frequency they were put on when switched to tower for landing is not covered so that part is not included.

Love this tower controller at 3:58 continuing to launch airplanes off 26R immediately after the departing Southwest jet reports a large piece of FOD right by A4. Literally seconds later he clears Allegiant for takeoff, then informs AA behind them with absolute certainty that the FOD is "over by the landing runway, not the departure runway" when they ask about it. Spoiler alert: the FOD was actually on the departure runway and that only seems to penetrate his head once Allegiant reports it as well. Completely irresponsible and unprofessional on the part of the local controller.


Unfortunately I have to agree with Chris in that regard. On the other hand, Kudos to pilots that were cleared for takeoff (maybe unaware of the Frontier situation) but reported the FOD to Tower.

Here's the radar screen at the time of the incident and I added a few more communications from the Approach controller just to draw an image of how he worked them all to 19R due to Frontier landing 26L and being 26R inspected.

Thanks to Carro for sharing!


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