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28 DEC 2021 0315Z: Aircraft Crash, El Cajon CA (near KSEE/KSAN)

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One oddity is that the pilots made a call to the tower while still on the approach frequency.  The approach controller sent him to the tower frequency.   Minor mistake a rookie like me makes with 700 hours in a Cessna 172, but not an error I would expect from pilots of a turbine aircraft with a lot more training.  I wonder if it might indicate the pilots were distracted.   

The call I'm speaking of is at 8 mins in to the attached audio.

A couple of questions:

Is it typical (at most airports) for the runway used for visual approaches to be shorter than the runway on which there's an instrument approach?

Also, some airports, like KPWK have a circle to land instrument approach that's standard. I'm thinking that KSEE doesn't have that type of approach and
the change in runway was per pilot request.

Also, I'm thinking that the video that appears to simulate being in the flight deck that was posted by some outlets is computer generated and doesn't have anything to do with a camera or other aircraft-specific equipment.


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