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26 Jan: Kobe Bryant fatal helicopter crash

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This is the audio I could find. You can't hear the pilot on the last frequency.

Audio of other portions of the flight, along with my notes.  Timestamps in recordings approximate - the clock on my player was jumping around.
KBUR Twr 1700Z
+10:07 N72EX calls KBUR Tower requesting Special VFR
+14:40 Twr advises continue holding for traffic
KBUR Twr 1730Z
+02:35 Cleared 2EX Special VFR along I5
+06:48 Plans to loop around VNY to 101.  Flightaware track shows altitude between 800-1400'
+07:22 Contact VNY 119.0
KVNY Twr 1730Z (Carro's post)
+05:30 Cleared along Hwy 118 W bound
+09:31 Contact SoCal 134.2  Flightaware track shows altitude around 1200', climbing to 1900' before contact lost at 17:45:23Z
KBUR Twr/Approach 1730Z
+01:46 Cleared Special VFR (same call as on Twr recording above)
+04:20 Contact VNY 119.0 (same as above)
+09:35 (callsign blocked, but presumably the helo) Approach says will lose comms soon, squawk VFR, call CMA Twr

interesting. The flight data has been pulled from flight aware

FlightRadar24 shows the helicopter proceeding west along the 101 freeway. It suddenly veers to the south and then back to the east with rapid descent. The final vertical speed is -4,864 fpm. This does not look like controlled flight into terrain. Looks like very sudden and uncontrolled descent and spiral.

Here is a KML file of the ADS-B coordinates transmitted by the helicopter.
The KML file has the ModeS/ADS-B altitudes corrected for an altimeter setting of 30.17 (+225ft) and converted to meters.

The forum didn't like the kml file, so i added .txt at the end, it might need to be removed to view it in some software.
You can view that KML file on google earth by adding it to a collection:

Uncorrected altitudes in feet and ground speed in knots can be seen in the two attached pictures.

Data in the pictures and the KML file is from


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