Author Topic: 2019-07-09 1727Z JFK: Go-around due to plane crossing the runway  (Read 964 times)

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2019-07-09 1727Z

Listen from 1723Z.

It's an incursion technically but that word is so ugly.
AAL45 crossing:

Caribbean went around:

Quite interesting, American 67 was asking for instructions because they only received cross 04L (at FB) but not if they should continue FB DB or go left E.

Tower didn't answer at first but then gave taxi instructions meant for American 67 but using the callsign American 45, American 45 read the for them non-sensical taxi instructions back.
Critically though no runway crossing instruction was ever given to American 45.

Carribbean 524 was easily far enough out to make a go-around as instructed by the tower.

Note the controller change even before the go-around by BWA524, quite interesting.
Also check the ground frequency if you like phone numbers.

Quite a few factors playing into this.
Glad it wasn't really dangerous at any time as Carribean was still far enough out.

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Re: 2019-07-09 1727Z JFK: Go-around due to plane crossing the runway
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Hello and thanks for sharing.

This is a perfect example to corroborate that most pilots (myself including unfortunately) don't pay attention to what we are being instructed. We hear, we read back and we proceed according to what we were expecting to get or what we normally get in that situation. I'm getting involved in a psychology project - aviation related - so this is great to show how our mind works and make errors.

Tower is busy as always and she has 3 airplanes holding short of 4L at the same time. A Delta at GOLF, AAL45 at F and AAL67 at FB -- DLH400 had just crossed at E.

- She first instructs AAL67 to cross at FB no delay. Pilot reads back.
- A second later she instructs DAL207 to cross at G no delay. Pilot reads back.

Now comes what's very interesting. 15 seconds later Tower instructs AAL45 to continue DB, C and hold short of W (a taxi route clearly intended for AAL67 who's north of 31R).

- Tower mixes callsigns (perfectly normal).
- AAL45 reads back the exact same instruction and proceeds to cross BUT that instruction doesn't make any sense for him. You are crossing on F and you don't have neither DB nor C taxiways anywhere nearby. SITUATIONAL AWARENESS!!!!
- Tower doesn't realize her mistake and continue like nothing happened. Therefore AAL45 crosses 4L forcing Caribbean to go around. It was too tight for them to cross after those 15 second interval.

Now, what did AAL45 pilots think when they looked at their charts and saw no taxiway DB or C? I'll tell you. Absolutely nothing because their minds didn't really hear the words DB or C, they just understood what they wanted to understand: "American 45, continue via..." and at that point our mind doesn't want to hear anymore. We have what we want: our clearance to continue.

This is a very common behavior that we shall avoid. Monitor the radio, crosscheck with our situational awareness and read back only if we really understand the message and are able to comply.

God bless the tapes. Both AAL45 and Tower are at fault here. AAL67 could have called out to advise if that was for him but maybe they were 21.9 already.