Author Topic: 13 Aug:Rescue of severely injured pilot of N84287 after crash in remote location  (Read 928 times)

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Cessna 172K Skyhawk, N84287, hit power lines and crashed in a remote location near Jay Florida. The owner of the plane got a call that the ELT of the plane had been activated. He flew out and found the plane and contacted Pensacola approach for help. This audio start at that time.

The owner reported that the only way that you could get to the injured pilot would be by helicopter. Pensacola ATC did everything the could to find a helicopter that could help but they had problem finding any and the weather didn't help either. They finally found a military helicopter that could land but would not be able to transport. A boat with paramedics also made it there but they could not transport via the water. In the end a Coast Guard helicopter that could transport made it there and flew the injured pilot to the hospital.

The clip is 51 minutes long but I thought it was interesting.