Author Topic: 10 July: Cessna 172, N677DM, clipped trees on approach to MVY divert to FMH  (Read 1246 times)

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The pilot said they hit something on approach to Martha's Vineyard Airport and FAA reported that they clipped trees. The pilot declared an emergency and said she could not get her wings level. The controller vectored her to Cape Cod Coast Guard Air Station for VFR condition and longer runway.
The archived feed was only 19 minutes long so I used a diffrent one in the end and that one had a very diffrent sound and you could not hear the pilot on it. Only audio from approach. No audio from Tower.
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The feed where you could only hear the controller (and a bit distorted) is out of Nantucket. Cape Approach (now part of Boston Consolidated TRACON A90) has a separate transmitter on Nantucket for arrivals and departures out of ACK. After hours (on the mid) Cape Approach simulcasts on 126.1 and 118.2.

Good catch...thanks for posting. Glad she made it OK.