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1-9-06 JFK Twr closure

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Here is the audio clip of 1/9/06 JFK 1530 with all the good stuff....It starts off with JFK tower telling acft they are evacuating monitor 125.7.....then Sikorsky 5ML calls in.  Between a period of 6.6 minutes Sikorsky 5ML calls Twr 9 times, and then an acft finally tells him the situation.  Twr was off approx 13 minutes....This clip is approx 10 minutes in length...

Very nice clip ;-)

However, my bad english didn't tell me the reason for which the tower has been evacuated (couldn't understand it)?

Fryy - Avocadoflight:
Fire alarm.

Thanks  :D

That was a great clip!! thanks alot for it.


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