Author Topic: KRHV - Lancair N103MD Suffers Engine Failure During Takeoff (Emergency Landing)  (Read 1500 times)

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On July 4th, 2020, a Lancair 320 with registration N103MD was taking off runway 31R at KRHV when they suffered an engine failure seconds after passing the northern end of the runway. The pilot declared a Mayday and landed approximately 2000 feet (<0.3NM) north of the airport next to Hillview Park.

Audio attached to this post was downloaded from LiveATC and edited to only include communications from KRHV Tower, the emergency aircraft, and another aircraft nearby who saw the accident, relaying information. The clip was also shortened to remove longer segment of the audio with no communications.

Emergency Response
At approximately 15:13 local time (22:13 Zulu), San Jose Police and Fire were notified of the event.
SJFD dispatched the following units to the scene: Battalions 1, 2, 5, 13; Engines 2, 16, 24, 624, 31, 631; Trucks 2, 16; Water Tender 21; Squad 26; EMS Med 30; Fire Support Unit 6; Hazardous Incident Team 29

Initial radio calls from the first fire engine that arrived on scene reported a 2-seater aircraft on its belly. Minutes later, fire fighters secured the scene and reported no fires and no leakages from the aircraft. Pilot was safely out of the aircraft, no injuries.
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