Author Topic: CYOW Tower Evacuation due to Fire Alarm (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)  (Read 11706 times)

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On August 8, 2013 around after 6pm ET, there was a fire alarm at the Ottawa Tower ( The air traffic controllers had to evacuate and relocate to a "temporary tower".

Flights awaiting to land or takeoff were delayed, as well as a few flights diverted to Montreal (CYUL). Tower kept instructing aircraft at the airport to contact Ottawa Terminal if the needed anything, but Terminal kept telling the aircraft (who contacted) to switch back onto the Tower or Ground frequency.

Once ATC relocated to the temporary tower and the runway inspected, Air Canada 192, Porter 267, and Air Canada 889 were the first three flights to land before allowing any aircraft to depart. Air Canada 460, Air Canada Jazz 8749, and WestJet 368 diverted to Montreal.

The edited audio clip that I am sharing is just over 21 minutes long, extracted and combined from 22:00Z and 22:30Z half-hourly archive clips.

Link to audio:, file size: 9,986KB. (Due to numeruous failed attempts in uploading this audio file onto LiveATC Forum, I have uploaded this file onto Dropbox instead. If somebody wants to reupload it onto this thread as an attachment, by all means. )