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For the last 2 weeks ZOB has changed around their Area 5 high altitude frequencies. They have replaced 121.075 with 128.450 in the Brecksville Sector (FL240-FL320), and moved 121.075 into the Franklin Sector (FL330 and above) replacing 119.725. Not sure if this is a permanent change ?

I'm trying to keep an updated database on ARTCC high altitude frequencies and sectors, if anyone notices any changes in their area, anywhere in North America, I'd always be interested in any updates posted here in the forum. Thanks.


Are you intersted in any backup freqs that might be used on a temporary basis?



--- Quote ---Are you intersted in any backup freqs that might be used on a temporary basis?
--- End quote ---

Yes please.

Hi Jetscan,

OK, here ya go.  Some of this you may already know...

For ZBW:

118.425 has been used in place of 126.225 lately.  It seems it's going back and fact, 118.425 is being used right now...

I've heard 118.55 used in place of either 133.45 or 134.95.  Can't be sure on that one but I think it's 133.45.  Maybe someone else on this forum knows for sure...

For ZNY:

134.375 has been occasionally used in place of 125.325.  Maybe a few times a month that happens.

If I come across more, I'll pass it on.

Happy Thanksgiving! Ron

hi i have a question and i dont know if you could help me, is this page Real time, am not a pilot but i really like this things, so I don't know if this communications with the atc's are real time


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