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ZNY was using 128.500 in place of 132.175 for Sector 34 Elmira (FL240 and above) yesterday (Dec 9th).

Now back to using 132.175

Hi, is this feed with freq. 132.175 up ? I don't seem to find it in the ARTCC ZNY live feed section, I know that it's a busy freq. at night with traffic coming into JFK from the west ...

 Not presently. I believe it was briefly carried by the feed for AVP, but that feed disappear shortly after it went on line.  Would
be great if we could get the ground audio for 132.175 in the future. Lots of traffic as you noted.

That AVP feed may be back int he spring.  Great general location, but the technical setup there was marginal.  I hope to work with the volunteer to improve things and get better reception, including the controller side of those ZNY sectors.


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