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ZAU and ZMP - High Altitude


For those interested.

Attached is my latest high altitude chart covering ZAU and ZMP (Chicago and Minneapolis ARTCC's).

ZAU and ZMP sector boundaries and ID numbers are based on the latest official charts, all frequencies have been confirmed from personal monitoring unless otherwise noted.

The information from ZMP did not include frequencies so I have a few questions.

1) Over northern Michigan ZMP12 covers FL220 to FL310. Normally 132.42 is used from FL220 and above or when it's busy they split the sector and use 125.82 from FL370 and above. I'm guessing they only split off ZMP12 when there are military exercises in the area ? Anyone know what VHF frequency they use in ZMP12 if it's ever open ? I think maybe 118.52 used to be used but have not heard it lately ?

2) South of Minneapolis there is an ultra high sector ZMP32 that extends from FL370 and above that sits over the ZMP17/18/19 sectors. From what I can tell this sector is rarely open. In the past 128.67 was used as an ultra high frequency in this area but lately it seems they have replaced the old ZMP18 frequency 133.07 with 128.67. Is 133.07 still used ? What is the correct frequency for ZMP32 if they ever use it ?

3) ZAU41 frequency 128.40 is listed as an ultra high sector south of Chicago. I have never heard this sector open or that frequency used. Anyone know if they ever use it ? Does the controller on 134.02 simulcast on 128.40 ?

If anyone notices any changes or errors for ZMP and ZAU or can proivide more detailed info. can they please post any updates in this thread.

My intent is to try and keep the charts updated using official sources when available, although even this is not always entirely accurate, so any reports from listeners are very helpful, any feedback is appreciated. Thanks !

Nice work Jet!  Before too long you'll have the whole country mapped!


JetScan1, your work on these charts is awesome!  I live under ZAU41/ZAU45 near PNT VOR.  I can confirm
that the controller on 134.025 is simulcast with 128.40.  I have heard aircraft on 128.4 once, but my
monitoring is not very often.  I believe the RCAG for 128.40 is at the Bloomington airport (KBMI).  I will
help with updates/corrections whenever I can. 


Hi Marty,

--- Quote ---I can confirm that the controller on 134.025 is simulcast with 128.40.  I have heard aircraft on 128.4 once, but my monitoring is not very often.
--- End quote ---

Thanks for the info. appreciate it.

--- Quote ---I will help with updates/corrections whenever I can.
--- End quote ---

That would be great, any info. you can provide would be welcome.

My intent was to keep the charts updated based on my personal travels, official sources, internet radios and input from listeners. Then keep the updated charts on line here in this forum so everyone can use them. If Dave is okay with that ?

So any input from those interested in ARTCC monitoring always appreciated. Dedicated ARTCC feeds are obviously a great resource, so thanks to all the ARTCC feed providers !

Darryl this was a month back there was a monitor on REMOTEHAMS located near Jackson Mississippi and I did tune to 133.075 and there was traffic on it and its ultra high of 127.425 which also overlies the regular high sector to the east of 133.075 of 128.275. The Belvidere IL radio on Remotehams was active on 132.425 at all levels above 240. I have to monitor the Broadcastify radio out of DFW more often to confirm that 128.675 frequency .


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