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Title: Washington ARTCC Transmitter Sites
Post by: YoCuz on September 01, 2009, 09:17:16 PM
Hello I am a scanner enthusiast.  I have been trying to track down the ZDC RCAG Remote Comms Air Ground stations located in the Souther NJ area.  Particulary  "Casino Sector" ACY, Sea Isle, Woodstown, and Cedar Lake.

I am not having any luck hearing any of the Center's side of the comms.  I have traveled to the VOR sites listed above hoping the Center Remote Trans would be there also but no luck.

Anyone have any ideas.  Thanks

Title: Re: Washington ARTCC Transmitter Sites
Post by: Bob2 on September 17, 2009, 08:36:57 PM
Here's a link that might help:

but they say their data may not be accurate, so your travels might only serve to confirm that.

I have a database from at least 10 years ago that also shows 127.7 located at SIE VOR (N3905.73 W07448.02).  I assume you have lat/long for the VORs and have driven to those locations, and not to a nearby city with the same name.  From Google Earth it looks like SIE VOR is closer to Cape May than to Sea Isle City.

Depending on the height of the transmitter and the sensitivity of your receiver, you may have to be within 2-3 miles of the RCAG to hear anything.  You could get an idea of your receiver performance by seeing how far from ACY, McGuire, PHL, PNE, etc. you can receive control tower transmissions.

There may be more than one RCAG available for a given frequency, and it's possible they were using another site when you happened to be there.  The SIE site also shows 133.12, so if you can hear that one it may give you some clues.

Title: Re: Washington ARTCC Transmitter Sites
Post by: tajo55 on November 06, 2009, 05:36:02 PM
[quote author = YoCuz link = topic = 6573.msg38798 # msg38798 date = 1251854236]
 Hola soy un entusiasta del escáner. He estado tratando de localizar a los ZDC remoto RCAG Comms Aire las estaciones terrestres ubicadas en el área de NJ Souther. Particulary "Casino" Sector ACY, Sea Isle, Woodstown y Cedar Lake.

 No estoy teniendo un poco de suerte ninguna audiencia del lado del Centro de la Comms. He viajado a los lugares antes mencionados VOR Trans remota esperanza de que el Centro estaría allí también, pero sin suerte.

 Alguien tiene alguna idea. Gracias


 [/ quote] :-D tajo55 yo acabo de entrar y no se como funciona esto ¿alguien me puede indicar como?
Title: Re: Washington ARTCC Transmitter Sites
Post by: United 99 on November 14, 2009, 12:23:43 PM

The 127.7 Mhz. remote site is actually located in Middle Township  - Cape May County adjacent to the Garden State Parkway. The locality is called Cape May Court House.

The 133.125 Mhz. remote site is located at KACY.

Hope this helps.

Keep On Listening !!!!!