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PHL Approach:
As requested from another thread. ZOA doesn't name their sectors, just number them.

Thank you so much! Sector 36 changed their frequency to 119.975 within the last few years and no other maps have reflected this change yet.

I am wondering if you have their SOP and could answer a question for me. I live and fly under Sector(s) 40/41. They have the same lateral dimensions, but are altitude seperated (both low altitude sectors below FL230).  My guess from a lot of scanner listening and talking to the controller has been:

Sector 40 -- 127.80 / 353.50 -- SFC to 5000
Sector 41 -- 125.85 / 323.00 -- 5000 to FL230

I was just wondering if you could confirm at what altitude exactly the sectors are seperated, and wanted to encourage you to add sector 40 to the map.

Thank you very much though, ZOA Low Alt looks a LOT different since Norcal TRACON has grabbed so much of their airspace! :)

PHL Approach:
40 is 090-FL230
41 is SFC-080

Now updated, I dont know how I missed that.

Fred Clausen:

--- Quote from: PHL Approach on March 07, 2007, 01:22:50 PM ---40 is 090-FL230
41 is SFC-080

Now updated, I dont know how I missed that.

--- End quote ---

You noob  :roll:


He also switched them in his description (40 is the SFC-80 41 is 90-FL230) but got it right on the map... Would you consider sharing the SOP in exchange for our helpful editorial insight?  :-D :-D :-D

Seriously though only kidding man, the ZOA maps look AWESOME and I've really been waiting for something so up to date for a while. It has and will continue to update a lot of subtle questions I've had regarding the facility and its airspace architecture.

On a related note, my friend Stewart Munson (owner of the local pilot shop adjacent to the flightschool I fly from at the Petaluma airport (O69)) and I are planning on putting a discone on the roof and setting up a feed for ZOA Sectors 40 and 41, along with the closest RCAG for Oakland AIFSS and our local airport's CTAF (which would be beneficial for local pilots since the uncontrolled airport has no AWOS/ASOS to obtain wind and thus runway information from). If that got annoying we could possibly incorporate a second scanner down the road to takeover this duty. Just wanted to give the heads up in this thread to gain some interest and let the liveatc staff know we're very interested in getting the feed going.

Thanks again!



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