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For just a list of frequencies, not a map, try  Put ZME FREQS into a search engine and you might find the specific page,

Or start at, go to reference data base, select by state - Tennessee, Areawide frequencies, choose Agency drop down, ZME ARTCC.  The bottom of the page has sector names and numbers along with the frequencies, again not in map form.

If I can find a way of reducing the size of the maps, I'll try to make a copy of my center high/low maps. The ones we get as trainees are the sizes of small posters and are a bit difficult to scan.

Could you take digital photos of the maps, say 8 x 11 inch sections at a resolution around 2000 x 2500 pixels producing 3-5 Mb files.  Recent point-and-shoots will do that. Don't know about i-devices.  It would be important to have the paper flat on the floor or on a wall and shoot perpendicular so everything is in focus across individual sections.  If you can PM them to me thorough this site or off-list, I can stitch them together, etc. and make a PDF.


Does anyone have any of these ZME Sector/frequency charts? Specifically the LOW but would like them all if available.


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